Principals Message

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Yamhill Carlton Elementary School!  Our teachers and staff would also like to join me in greeting you as we all become YC Tigers this year!  YCES is committed to supporting our district vision of “championing the growth of our students.”   

Our YC team works to ensure all students receive high-quality instruction within a data-driven system to support each child’s learning needs.  We also strive to address their social and emotional needs in a safe and engaging environment. 

This school year, in addition to supporting the District Strategic Plan, as a building, we will focus on the following three goals:

Goal One:
We strive for all students to reach achievement levels in reading and math.  By June 2019, 80% of students will show on-track achievement through DIBELS (reading assessment) and easyCBM (math assessment) data.  

What YCES Staff will do:

• Staff regularly assess students to check for progress towards grade-level goals.
• Staff are effective in providing an intervention model to help students see gains when they fall below benchmarks, which includes small-group leveled instruction to engage students at their current learning level.
How You Can Help Us:
• Help them develop a love of reading by having them read or reading to them for 20 minutes every night.
• Partner with the school to learn about what your child is working on throughout the year, helping them at home
Goal Two:
We approach all teaching and learning with a Growth Mindset.  By June 2019, all staff will have completed an in-depth book analysis of growth mindset in an effort to bring it into our learning spaces.  This will lead to growth in student effort in the classroom, and, ultimately, increased student achievement.  

What YCES Staff will do:

• Staff meet monthly to discuss Growth Mindset, creating goals for language and instruction in classrooms.  
• Staff will guide activities in the classroom that allow students to take risks and learn from their efforts.
• Students will be rewarded for taking a risk in their learning, and staff will reward this with monthly Risk Takers awards at assembly.
How You Can Help Us:
• Encourage your child to try hard things, and praise them for their effort.
• Discuss with your child that mistakes are learning opportunities that help them grow.
Goal Three:
We expect students to be PAX leaders and create a productive classroom environment.  Consistency in the PAX system building-wide will lead to a decline in discipline issues and regular classroom disruption by June 2019, as compared to previous years’ data, allowing classes to be more productive.

What YCES Staff will do:

• Staff will teach PAX kernels and reinforce through classroom engagement.  
• Staff will encourage every student to be a PAX leader and a good citizen of our community.  
• Students who demonstrate PAX behavior will be rewarded with Tootles and other PAX awards.

How You Can Help Us:

• Talk with your child about PAX Behaviors at home, and utilize it when you can, such as during homework time or chores.
• Encourage your child to be aware of their actions and work hard to make adjustments to their choices when they make mistakes.

Working together as a team, we will ensure that every student has the opportunity to realize their full potential as confident, successful students.  Our staff looks forward to collaborating with you and your student as we lay the foundation in elementary school for the years to come.

Lauren Berg 
Principal, Yamhill Carlton Elementary