Welcome to Yamhill Carlton Elementary School! We hope you enjoy our amazing school in this great little town. As a parent or guardian at YCES, you are also a member of the Yamhill Carlton Parent Teacher Organization. Our membership includes the teachers and staff at YCES. We do great things here at YCES – we hope you’ll be a part of our team! 

Please note that we are an independent organization. We do not belong to any state or national affiliation, and we do not support any political platforms.

We have only one fundraiser each year – there is no selling popcorn, chocolate, or wrapping paper door to door. Every penny we earn stays here at YCES.

Our mission …
YCPTO strengthens and enhances the educational and social environment of our children by developing connections between our school, our parents, and our community.

Our belief …
Involved parents make a difference. When parents get involved in their children's education, children do better academically, they are absent less frequently, they hold higher academic standards throughout their lives.

We encourage you to become an involved parent.
This can be as simple as helping your child with homework or reading together. The more time you take to be involved in your child’s education, the better the outcome for your child’s education. You don’t have to make PTO a full-time job. Volunteering every now and then and attending school events matter. Donating an hour or two every couple of months really makes a difference. If you show your children you value education, they will value it as well.

Thank you for being a part of YCES!

PTO Meetings:
When: First Tuesday of Every Month (Sept - June)
Location: YCES Staff Room or Click Here to join via Zoom!
Time: 6pm-7pm

Welcome Letter to Parents

PTO Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Pledge

Tiger Run  It is time to start planning our annual fundraiser, Tiger Run 2022! If you would like to be involved in helping with the fundraiser this year, please attend our next PTO meeting, either in person in the staff room at YCES or via our Zoom link on Tuesday, February 1 st and 6pm. We want to make this one the best one yet and would love to hear your ideas!

2021-2022 YCPTO Officers

 Bekki Jansen, President Myste Ferrie, Vice President Joy Gephart, Treasure  Tessa Witham, Volunteer Coordinator  Trina Krug, Secretary

Yamhill Carlton Parent Teacher Organization
420 S 3rd Street
Carlton, OR 97111 
[email protected]