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Camera and Mic Issues: http://fitz.k12.mi.us/download/Chromebook-Microphone-and-Camera-Check.pdf


Copyright and Fair Use Create Folders Add a Timer Collaborator Icon Add a Comment Access Google Drawing Access Google Meet through Google Classroom How to Add Background Access Google Meet through Google Classroom Add Favicon Everything You Can Do In Google Keep
How to add a Bookmark Different Drive Bookmarks Add a Video Combinations Add a PopUp Message Add Drop Shadow Accessing Google Classroom How to Add Drive Files Expectations Buttons Ways You Can Use Google Keep
Pin a Tab How to login to Google Drive Add Google Slide to Doc Concat & Concatenate Add a Table Add Shapes Creating a Google Doc, Slide, Sheet or Drawing in Google Classroom How to Draw Angles Updates Listed Below Coming End of July! Collapsible Text Boxes
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Move From Shared with Me Adding Audio Dropdown Add More Fonts Change Background Color How to login to Google Classroom Mute all Create a Subpage
Switching Drive by Owner Align, Distribute & Center Filter Formula Add Prefix/Suffix to Numbered List Crop an Image Switching Owner Digital whiteboard Embed Slides
Upload to Drive Auto Play and Loop Make/Force a Copy Auto Complete Custom Gradients Turning In Assignments Custom backgrounds Image Carousel
Change Background Color Mean, Median, Mode Bookmarks for Links Fill in the Blank Unsubmit/Resubmit Larger tiled-view Share Settings
Change Page Size Paint Format Change Default Font Full Screen Preview Turning in Work When a Copy Isn't Made For You Knocking and access controls
Choose Your Own Adventure Show All Comments Change Page Color Grouping Presentation screen & chat
Collaborator Icon Tab Level Editing Rights Check Revision History How to Share
Create a New Bookmark Translate Citing with EasyBib Increase Font Size
Custom Dimensions Citing with Explore Insert an Image
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Make/Force a Copy Compare Only Named Versions Make a Venn Diagram
Format Fonts in Comments Create a New Bookmark Mask an Image into a Shape
Increase Font Size Define Tool Resize Canvas
Insert a New Slide Different Doc, Sheet, Slides Bookmarks Speech and Thought Bubbles
Insert Image/Gif Document Outline Style Tips
Link to Other Slides Embed a Google Drawing Transparency
Locking Slides Emojis Video
Make a Silouette Font, Fill, Highlight Word Art
Presentation Mode Force a Copy
Print Slides Speaker Notes Format Fonts in Comments
Skip Slides Heading as Link
Templates Hyperlink
Voice Typing Increase Font Size
Insert Image/Gif via URL
Insert Table of Contents
Name Versions of Version History
Portrait to Landscape
Save Images from Docs
Text on Both Sides of Image
URLs from Titles
Use Tables to Make Colums
Voice Typing



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